What We Do

Our priorities are to:

  • Promote Greater Manchester on a national and international stage to leisure visitors, providing them with inspiration, information and to identify, secure and support business visits and events including cultural and sporting events.
  • Influence investors in our key sectors to set up and grow their businesses in our city region.
  • Initiate collective promotion of Greater Manchester’s universities to raise awareness with international students and of research opportunities.
  • Oversee marketing and communications for the Manchester Growth Company in support of the Greater Manchester Strategy.

How we do it:

  • Collaborate with agencies, authorities and independent organisations across the city in order to deliver a consistent, unified message.
  • Co-ordinate marketing opportunities and campaigns aimed at priority audiences to maximise the impact of public and private sector partner activity.
  • Communicate with the world’s media to ensure a positive, modern image of Manchester is reflected in coverage.
  • Facilitate a Manchester presence at international events and exhibitions on behalf of organisations across the city, to present a joint showcase of the city region’s assets.
  • Work in partnership with key stakeholders, brands and assets to raise the profile of Manchester as a global city and strengthening its position as gateway to the North of England.

Company Details

Lee House 90 Great Bridgewater Street Manchester M1 5JW
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