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Sport means more to and for all of us

Sport is woven into the culture and identity of the place and the people of Greater Manchester.  It is at the heart of being a Northerner, threads through and connects communities, is steeped in the history and heritage of the region.  It is also an agent of change and an active ingredient.  Embedded in the civic pride and central to many civic commitments that span health, wellbeing, community cohesion, social mobility, education.

Sport means more to our visitors

Sport attracts national and international tourists, sports professionals, conference attendees, event go-ers, corporate hospitality organisers and attendees, researchers and technologists.  It is a diverse and compelling offer at the centre of a well rounded visit offer.

Sport means more to businesses and investors

The combination of national sporting excellence and achievement, depth and breadth of top flight clubs and teams across many diverse sports and world-class football acts as a magnetic effect for business, science and investment in sport.  The science of sport is pioneered, pursued, developed and commercialised here.  Sport is professionalised, commercialised, monetised and its collective and individual value realised here.  

Sport means more to fans

This is a place at the centre of the great spectacle of sport.  A place at the heart of and home to some of the greatest sporting entertainment in the UK and around the world.  A place where sport, in its many guises, is celebrated, commemorated, commentated on, seen in person, broadcast on screen, hosted, attended.  A place of major national and international sporting events, global megastars, national icons and institutions.  Fans are welcomed, championed, included, valued, celebrated and belong here

Key messages

A global megastar of football

One of the world’s football ‘super-cities’.  Global football brands and top-class facilities (training, playing), global awareness and visibility, national and international events (consumer & corporate).  The best from around the world choose to play, train and live here.  Business and investment into and from football; director & coaching, education (UA ’92 / UCFB).  City-City aligned business strategies and key markets.

The business and science of sport is pursued and practiced here

Pioneering ideas, cutting-edge research and world-class technology and practice is pursued and driven from here.  Civic investment in and the value of sport is recognised – economic, health, social and cultural.  Commercialisation of sport and sporting excellence is well established here (hospitality, events, partnerships, sponsorship, SoccereX, education, technology, high performance centre)

Epicentre of UK sporting excellence

Diversity and wealth of top flight and national sports centres, clubs and teams in a compact area (Cycling, Swimming, Cricket, Rugby, Taekwondo, Netball, Football), world-class facilities (training, playing, events), in the national and international consciousness, rich in talent, at all levels and home grown and world stars 

Sport is woven into the fabric, culture and collective identity of the region

A region where sport is woven into the fabric of the life.  Football fuelling regeneration, cycling driving health and wellbeing and fuelling investment (B lanes / Chris Boardman), sport at the heart of civic pride and community culture and belonging and as an agent of social cohesion and social good.

The nation and world watches sport here

A place where the spectacle of sport is centred: home of major sporting events (Cricket world cup, Commonwealth Games, Rugby world cup, World Track Championships), Global football clubs (billions of followers), BBC Sport & Radio 5 Live.  A venue where the best from around the world entertain and excel.  A place that is easy to get to, from and around – unrivalled international and national connectivity and compact city with good transport links.  A rounded offer – sport as part of the cultural and visit offer.

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