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Pioneering Practice

With a devolved Health and Social care budget, a history of pioneering ideas and innovation and a culture and commitment to collaboration across industry, academia and the NHS, Greater Manchester is at the cutting edge of health innovation. Home to 4 major universities and numerous biomedical research centres this is a place rich in scientific talent, fresh ideas and innovative practice.  With specialisms in Precision Medicine, Orthopedics, Oncology, Anti-microbial resistance research and Genomic Biomarkers innovations and pioneering medicine is being discovered, developed and delivered here.  Impacting and improving health and social care in Greater Manchester and around the world.

A perfect place to trial and test

With a compact, stable, large and diverse population, as well as enhanced digital-health infrastructure and e-enabled patient information, that supports world-leading informatics research, Greater Manchester is a perfect place in which to trial and test new health and social care products and services.   Added to this a culture of collaboration across academia, industry and the NHS, a history of international engagement and a desire to improve patient outcomes at home and around the world, makes the city region a perfect test-bed location for national and international businesses.

Delivering ideas in practice

As the only UK city region to integrate health and social care and have devolved control of its £6 billion healthcare budget Greater Manchester provides a unique opportunity to improve patient outcomes, test new integrated delivery models, and adopt new systems and technologies.  Driving innovation into practice.  This is further accelerated by local commissioning and integrated and established infrastructure enabling the more rapid adoption and uptake of innovations and technology in practice.

Key messages

A culture of collaboration

A place of frequent, meaningful, diverse and deep collaboration.  Where working in partnership is intrinsic to the culture and community of the city region and enabled through governance and regional government, encouraged and supported through formal and informal networks and networking, accelerated and industrialised through infrastructure and working with industry.  Here collaboration means action, impact, invention and improvement.

Compact and connected

Home to a large population that is diverse, stable and with elevated levels of chronic disease in a relatively compact and well connected area provides a region that is a small enough to trial and test, big enough to matter and draw data from.   

Pioneering medicine

Home to 4 major universities and numerous biomedical research centres this is a place rich in research talent, fresh ideas and innovative practice.  Specialisms mean this is a place of pioneering medicine that is being discovered, developed and delivered here.  Impacting and improving health and social care in GM and around the world.

Infrastructure for innovation to thrive

Knowledge intensive businesses and universities benefit from co-location in a thriving innovation district and state of the art facilities.  A devolved Health and Social Care budget and centralised NHS commissioning, and a unique Academic Health Science and Innovation System ‘Health Innovation Manchester’ provides market access and new opportunities for innovative devices, practice and products.  Collaboration across NHS-academia-industry is not only intrinsic to the culture of the place but accelerated, formalised and industrialised through its integrated ecosystem.

Disruptive data and tech

Data and tech enable and underpin innovation and invention within Greater Manchester.  Specialisms in disruptive medtech diagnostics, bioinformatics and AI and data, combined across the Greater Manchester area and a thriving digital ecosystem and talent pool provides continual opportunities to trial, test, develop and analyse new innovations and interventions.

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