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Digital embedded in this place

The home of the digital citizen. A place with a clear civic vision to ensure digitisation and decarbonisation is at the heart of all major initiatives and strategies and the civic infrastructure, leadership and mandate to make it happen.   A city region investing heavily in digital infrastructure, connectivity and transport, in order to transform skills, public services, health and create new opportunities for business.  Where technology is a key enabler of sustainable, green growth.

Digital business 

A thriving ecosystem with breadth and depth of expertise across digital and creative services, media and content production, tech hardware and software that is concentrated, significant in terms of scale and the businesses who reside here. A deeply collaborative and well connected ecosystem that enables a convergence of ideas and encourages a redefinition of business models where digital is integral.  Rich with investment opportunities to scale up and grow.

Digital disruption

All sectors are facing the opportunities of digital transformation. Greater Manchester is a place with world-class research excellence and concentrated clusters of talent pioneering new technologies and innovations in areas of both emerging need (Digital Health, Cyber security, Fintech, Industry4.0) and emerging technology (Robotics, Machine Learning, AI).  Building innovations of tomorrow on a history of progressive thinking and pioneering ideas that have driven industrial and social change.

Digital talent

Rich in home grown talent on the doorstep with a continually refreshed research and student population.  Attracting talent nationally and internationally, thanks to a thriving, dynamic region, which offers numerous opportunities to build a career or business, as well as have a good quality of life.

Key messages

Leading, in the emerging

Strengths in e-commerce, cyber security, data science, machine learning, robotics, health informatics, immersive technologies.  Driven by ideas and innovation, talent and research.

A region rich in talent

On our doorstep; 4 major universities, 22 within an hour’s drive, rich in talent, continually refreshed with every intake.  Entering our region; a net importer of talent, attracting people from around the world.

A thriving ecosystem

A full service offer, clusters of concentrated skills and knowledge of international significance across digital services, tech, media and content, where convergence and collaboration is commonplace.  With the infrastructure, investors and investment mechanisms to support growth.

Unrivalled connectivity

Best international connectivity outside of London, 200 direct destinations worldwide, transport infrastructure and connectivity within the UK, digital connectivity and infrastructure.  Central and compact.

A reputation for the radical, that’s firmly on the radar

Original, challenging, diverse, radical, creative, risk-taking, collaborative, assertive; Manchester’s reputation make us distinctive and attractive

Civic vision, leadership and infrastructure

Clear, agreed civic priorities, driven by strong leadership within an infrastructure that enables digital ingenuity, innovation, accelerated action and collaboration


GM is not only a vibrant place to live offering a great quality of life, but a great place to study, work, build a business and career and thrive professionally, as well as personally. 

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