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Great minds meet here

A city of firsts and pioneering partnerships; where the atom was split, Rolls met Royce, the first programmable computer was created, graphene was discovered, the first professional football league was introduced. Greater Manchester is and has always been a place of innovation and ideas.  Where great minds meet, connect and come together to break new ground, push the boundaries, progress new ideas and challenge established thinking.

Great things start here  

With a heritage and history of radical thought and deed; the birthplace of the suffragettes, the campaign for homosexual equality, Peterloo, the cooperative movement, Health and Social care devolution; Greater Manchester is a place where important conversations begin, new thinking is inspired, new partnerships are forged.  A place where momentus agreements are signed, radical ideas are progressed and things of great importance and significance begin. 

Great things happen here

Home of and host to the ‘important things’. From huge, global conferences to high profile conversations. From important political moments to ‘watched by billions’ events. Greater Manchester has a proven track record in hosting the moments that matter, with the eyes of the world watching. 

Key messages

More than a meeting place

With a year round, vibrant and well rounded tourism offer Greater Manchester is just a convenient place to meet, but an inspiring and vibrant place to spend time. A great place to eat, stay, relax and network with a thriving culture, heritage and arts offer. A well rounded offer, all year round with business conferencing and events central to life in the region.

Trusted with the important things

Home of and host to the ‘big things’ from huge, global conferences to high profile conversations.  From important political moments to ‘watched by billions’ events. Greater Manchester has a proven track record in delivering events and conferences on a global scale. From hosting, convening, accommodating, feeding, entertaining, transporting, welcoming, connecting, collaborating and inspiring. We do and have consistently done what it takes to ensure the moments that matter, are delivered well.

A Compact, concentrated and yet diverse

With the largest cluster of events and conferencing spaces outside of London, Greater Manchester offers a myriad of major events and conference facilities and centres in the heart of the city centre. Added to this the diversity of venues available within a compact area, as well as numerous places to stay, eat and relax within close proximity, Greater Manchester makes it easy for great minds to meet.

Global and national gateway

With unrivalled national and international connectivity, via rail, road and air, Greater Manchester is easy for international, national and regional visitors to get to, from and around.  With well connected conference and events venues, in a relatively concentrated area and multiple transport links on offer means Greater Manchester can ensure those attending, participating, hosting or organising an event or conference can come and go with relative ease. 

Great hosts

Greater Manchester is hospitable at heart.  A welcoming, inclusive and open city where collaboration and partnership runs deep and wide. A place where networks can be built and alliances forged. A place that excels in hosting and being great hosts and takes pride in the welcome it extends to all.

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