Arts, Culture and Heritage

A history of bold thought and deed

A region with a history of radical, free-thinking, pioneering ideas, people, places, movements and communities that challenged the conventions, with a city of firsts at its heart.  A history of progressive thinking and action in pursuit of the common good.  From Peterloo to the suffragettes, homosexuality equality campaign to devolution.  The Original Modern city – inventive, radical, diverse, restless – seeking to to make things better for all.

Bold is born and conceived here

Creators of culture. Where bold and fresh ideas in culture, the arts, music, literature, theatre, technology are created, produced, curated and showcased and creativity in all its forms are supported and encouraged.  A creative centre of bold, innovative content and culture that has global impact and appeal.  With home grown national icons and global megastars and the unknown and little known are discovered and nurtured.

Bold lives and breathes here

Stars of the future educated and developed here (RCNM, Cheetham’s School of Music, Royal Exchange, Manchester Art School), thriving creative sector, talent pool and industry live and work here.  Culture as an active ingredient is alive here and woven throughout the region and spanning the generations.  Manchester’s output and activity permeates across the UK and around the world via talent, events, content and educational establishments.

Bold is invested in here

Invested in terms of places and spaces (Home, The Factory, The Hacienda, Whitworth), in terms of talent (RNCM, Cheetham’s, MIF),  in terms of ideas and infrastructure (collaborations, connections, content creation) in terms of personality (individuals, ‘brand manchester’)

Key messages

Culture and heritage is an active ingredient for the common good

Culture lives, breathes and does things here.  It makes things happen and makes things better.  It doesn’t reside behind the doors of the institutions that populate the region or belong to the minority.  It is an active ingredient with a purpose to improve things, change things, challenge the norms for the good of all.  Our culture is out on the streets and of the streets, making a positive impact, connecting communities, inspiring the next generation, challenging thinking and provoking debate.

Creators and consumers of culture come to and from here

This region is not just a place that curates and showcases culture well, but where culture is inspired and created, nurtured and developed.  A place of pioneers and creators, collaborators and producers.  As well as consumers of culture.  Where home grown talent is nurtured and encouraged, the unknown are championed and supported and global stars perform and develop.


A melting pot of collaboration and community

A place where culture in all its guises thrives, connects and intersects.  From the classical to the mainstream.  The bleeding edge to the blockbuster.  Through music, theatre, performing arts, modern art, literature, poetry, digital arts, broadcast. Spanning grass roots, world-class and best-in-class.   Home to a melting pot of ideas, cultures, opinions.  Where collaboration is commonplace and helps fuel creativity and culture connects and inspires community, kindness and a desire to better and do more.

Creative careers and creative industry

A thriving ecosystem of creativity (CDT) where cultural and creative careers and businesses are inspired, developed, made and thrive here.  A place of creativity – somewhere to be inspired, educated, to engage with, participate in, be entertained by, visit, attend, create, collaborate, invest in, develop and produce – with impact and outputs of national and international repute.

Creativity and culture is valued and of value

Woven through the history of the region is the recognition of the value of culture – to workers, residents, society, communities, places and the population as a whole.  A place where culture, heritage, the arts have inspired and fuelled positive change, often in pursuit of a common good.  The home of the first Great Northern Exhibition, first ever public library, the cooperative movement, the Communist manifesto, this is a place where culture has always been valued and of value.

A history of the radical

A place that has a rich history of radical thoughts and deeds, individuals and industrialists.  A city of firsts. Where the legacy of the industrial revolution lives on in spaces, places and culture of the region. Inspiring creativity and new, bold thinking that is born, created, shaped and made here.  A place and people that have always valued and championed culture, creativity and the arts.  

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