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During the COVID19 pandemic Marketing Manchester is running a campaign that aims to keep the profile of Greater Manchester strong at the forefront of people’s minds. Manchester Misses You promotes partner content that has the capacity to inspire from the sofa; providing a vibrant insight into our culture and way of life, without asking people to leave their houses. A supporting social media campaign amplifies these messages.

The campaign objectives are to:

  • Maintain brand presence during lockdown 
  • Provide virtual content from cultural assets from across Greater Manchester
  • Enable a captive audience  to access collections of partner content
  • Reassure the industry that Marketing Manchester is working for them 
  • Inspire public to think outside of the confines of their four walls 

Manchester Misses You will soon transition into our recovery campaign but we will keep it live so that those not yet ready to leave home can enjoy Greater Manchester virtually and those partners that cannot open yet can still promote themselves to such audiences via our channels; however, our new focus will now be to encourage audiences to get out and explore Greater Manchester’s rich and diverse leisure and tourism offer. To find out more get in touch with

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