Original Modern

Original Modern isn’t a brand or a slogan or marketing jargon, it isn’t a political mantra or a stylishly designed logo, and it isn’t a piece of cultural archaeology or an ethereal sound-bite. It’s much more important than that.

Original Modern explains the essence of Manchester, two simple words that define what sets Manchester apart from our peers across the globe.

Original Modern is what Manchester gives to the world.

It explains Manchester's spirit, its indefatigable energy for progress and change, that 'do something' attitude, that desire to be different that always has and always will exist within the City. Original Modern is what runs through Manchester's blood and it's detectable in the best of what we do.

And for Manchester to continue to manifest these values, Original Modern also has to be an aspiration; an aspiration for all individuals, decision makers, groups, communities, organisations and businesses that live, work and engage with Manchester.

Original Modern is a way of valuing what we do in Manchester and is a declaration for Manchester's future.

Marketing Manchester strives to be original and modern in all that it does. It's not just the projects we undertake, but the way in which we go about delivering them.

For more information about Original Modern and to see how some organisations have used it 'in action', take a look at the Original Modern e-book.

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